Wednesday, November 25, 2009

telecom amnesty

Alright so I'm a sucker for anything from Unholy ThrashRecords, deal with it. As soon as this came into my local record shop i had to pick it up. I had heard the Humming Bird of Death 5" and the Dead Stare demo tapes prior to this split and you know what son? this release aint half as good as either of those. Dead Stare is kind of a waste of wax there songs are over fastest than you can even figure out what happened, and not in that yacopsae insane kind of way, just seems like fastcore made to be a part of this new wave of half assed we totally love no comment bands, fuck off and get a better name. and HEY WHILE WERE AT IT, there is a great hardcore band from australia called dead stare. anywho dont listen to my opinion. humming bird of death your still cool.

Dead Stare//Humming Bird Of Death

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