Sunday, November 29, 2009

materialized in stone

Seeking an identity in a world of black & white is an ability many find nearly impossible to do. From the thousands of painted faces and grim robes how is one to be more memorable than the next? In the dark realm of the Kvlt exaggeration on aesthetic has always been very prevalent. Over the top images of mysterious figures dressed in black cloaks, caressing grave stones, with faces painted an errie black and white is enough to keep any sane human away.Scare tactis such as bloodied animal remains or nation socialist propaganda has also been used to create a sense of chaos and elitism to the Kvlt. Past events//crimes commited by memebers of the Black Metal Commuinity have been more widely recognized rather than the music itself. More atomshperic and approachable albums have been released in the last few years by an emerging American insurgence of black(ish) metal, but alas they have slowly followed the dreaded path of un-originality and melody.

Demonic & memorable riffage, thought provoking lyrics, and the use of metal's most secrative weapon,Roto Toms, is what makes Marduk's Opus Nocturne the highest achievment of Black Metal.

Opus Nocturne

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