Friday, November 12, 2010

Descent Into Nothing.

SIXBREWBANTHA PRO PRESSED CASSETTE LTD. 200. Sold Out Now. Look for new shit on the west coast march 2011 tour with LUNGE from portland. any help email starting day march 4th.

Day 1 Seattle
Day 2 Olympia/Washington?
Day 3 Portland
Day 4 Chico
Day 5 Sacramento
Day 6 Oakland?/Bay Area
Day 7 San Louis
Day 8 LA area
Day 9 LA area
Day 10 San Fran?/Bay Area
Day 11 Reno or maybe Sac area?
Day 12 Arcata )
Day 13 Salem
Day 14 Portland

Sick Outside View.

Reminiscing is something i can't do yet because I'm too young. This is youth, be content with yourself at all times. If not, Save Yourself because it's not you it's me. The best shit of 2010 hands down.

Unfun-Sick Outside View

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is some of the most disgustingly brutal and fucked up sounding grind/violence shit that i've ever heard. There is not one conventional sounding riff on this release, breakdowns (if you can even call them that)that sound like your brain is melting on the harshest pcp trip ever, and blast beats that make your want to smash everything within arms lengths of you. SFN is putting way to many bands in there place, in under eight fucking minutes.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mr. pa man, can i get some more beeeeea?

where does one draw the line between harsh fucking brutality, and harsh fucking hilarity? perhaps alcohol has something to do with creating the mood and atmosphere of this record, but god dammit this is the most entertaining peice of live material ever recorded. sorry abstain your cool, but this is all about the arsedestroyer.

Arsedestroyer//Abstain Split CD