Sunday, November 29, 2009

materialized in stone

Seeking an identity in a world of black & white is an ability many find nearly impossible to do. From the thousands of painted faces and grim robes how is one to be more memorable than the next? In the dark realm of the Kvlt exaggeration on aesthetic has always been very prevalent. Over the top images of mysterious figures dressed in black cloaks, caressing grave stones, with faces painted an errie black and white is enough to keep any sane human away.Scare tactis such as bloodied animal remains or nation socialist propaganda has also been used to create a sense of chaos and elitism to the Kvlt. Past events//crimes commited by memebers of the Black Metal Commuinity have been more widely recognized rather than the music itself. More atomshperic and approachable albums have been released in the last few years by an emerging American insurgence of black(ish) metal, but alas they have slowly followed the dreaded path of un-originality and melody.

Demonic & memorable riffage, thought provoking lyrics, and the use of metal's most secrative weapon,Roto Toms, is what makes Marduk's Opus Nocturne the highest achievment of Black Metal.

Opus Nocturne

Friday, November 27, 2009


I feel like a criminal, and worse off I feel my secret is going to lead me to the hands of Herodias. A beacon of light shot through my ears when i first discovered the untouchable Velvet Underground & Nico, a 67' collection of melodramatic pop songs far too punk rock for its time, it was Nico's voice that made me keep coming back for seconds, and thirds. Am I proud? I wish my heart lay with the experimental, heroin layden jams of European Son, but as the (heart//hope)less romantic I have become, I'll Be Your Mirror is a friend I wont stop turning to. Like are dearest friend G.G Allin, Nico is someone that will divide friends and music elitists alike.

Chelsea Girls

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

telecom amnesty

Alright so I'm a sucker for anything from Unholy ThrashRecords, deal with it. As soon as this came into my local record shop i had to pick it up. I had heard the Humming Bird of Death 5" and the Dead Stare demo tapes prior to this split and you know what son? this release aint half as good as either of those. Dead Stare is kind of a waste of wax there songs are over fastest than you can even figure out what happened, and not in that yacopsae insane kind of way, just seems like fastcore made to be a part of this new wave of half assed we totally love no comment bands, fuck off and get a better name. and HEY WHILE WERE AT IT, there is a great hardcore band from australia called dead stare. anywho dont listen to my opinion. humming bird of death your still cool.

Dead Stare//Humming Bird Of Death


This 5 song seven from Pittsburgh's Slices is fucking god. super noisy punk as shit pigfuck that almost sounds like the breakdown on He-Man. get into it.


breathing tube.

An idea that comes into my mind more often than not is this: why the fuck do i enjoy the genre of noisecore ? is it that there's some sort of chemical imbalance going on somewhere in my body which is making my thought process' slow down and in turn make me unaware that what i am listening to is nothing more than someone going out of there way to make the most vile,disgusting, non listenable, mish mash of dirt and feces know to man. but maybe somehow this genre is setting a new standard for irony for the whole world, perhaps ugly is the new beautiful? jackson pollock was always one to stray away from a traditional approach to painting , perhaps as a way to set him self free from the norm, but like most things the people as well as there wallets followed. maybe we can take a lesson from this you can't pretend to be different, you just have to be a fucking freak.
Merzbow//Gore Beyond Necropsy:Rectal Anarchy
Man is the Bastard Noise/Locust Split


this is sixbrewbantha. a canadian grindcore//pig fuck//power violence band from victoria b.c. who will be touring the country again in 2010.